Meta Ray 0.0 : Blogus Guide

This Blogus is a collaborative space for people who wish to, as They say, let their soul speak. When you look into the depths of your being; What troubles you? What excites you? If your life was to eternally keep returning, what would you spend your headspace pondering about? These are all the issues of the soul.

Posts in the blog will be formatted into Ray n.m, where the n.0 th post will be the n th independent post by any member of the community. The posts could range from opinions, philosophical questions, methods for restructuring society, ideas of a movement to sci-fi stories. The subsequent posts in the Ray will be numbered chronologically (n.i) in which any member is free to give their opinions, add, subtract, contend, etc. on any of the previous posts in the Ray. Administrative posts will be referred to as Meta-Rays, just like this one, and the same rules apply.

Life would be terribly miserable for someone if the following statement was true:

They have a soul that needed to be expressed XOR friends to whom they could express it.

as They say

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