Ray 3.0 : The Existence of Sound

Everything has been programmed to make a specific noise based on the combination of stimuli reacting with each other. This means the sound already existed based on the specific frequency of the vibrations colliding with each other. In other words the sound already existed before the reaction occurred based on the frequency the stimuli had to match which was already vibrating in existence.

Aren’t all possible frequencies in existence at the same time always?
Why does it always sound the same when we clap? (to varying degrees)
Why does it always sound the same when you drop a pebble in a lake? (to varying degrees)
-because the lake and the pebble are responding to pre-programmed vibrations of each other in order to create a sound that is already in existence based on the frequency it has to match, that already exists.

I believe that one could even predict with a computer program what something is going to sound like before it happens. To do this you could take two extremely opposite materials as to not compromise the experiment, say a steel rod and an acorn, an unrecognizable sound to the human ear when hit together. Then calculate the rate at which both are vibrating at and calculate a fixed speed in which to hit both materials together. Based on these calculations try to determine the new frequency of the sound before the materials are hit together. Then see if you can create the sound based on the frequency generated with a computer program. The last step is to hit the materials together at the same determined speed to determine if it makes the same sound.
I believe they will.

Mike McNerney

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