Exploring Energetics of Words

What are words?
An available structure to organize, re-organize and plan. To channel energy flows from one means of manifesting into others.
We can also use them to learn or resolve uncertainty. This can be seen more as an entropic force, the force that takes us from a lower dimensional to a higher dimensional space of possibilities.

Verbal ‘KungFu Panda’-esque deflections of energy flows, which are simply turning points like aphelions in the trajectory of energy, are possible in a world where forces have signs, attractive and repulsive, positive and negative, Yin and Yang, push and pull, energetic and entropic.

Words can be used to relieve one of Yin or saturate one with Yang, both will create an opening that can suck up Yin from the surroundings. (One could globally exchange Yin with Yang and derive the same meaning, thus their particular meaning is not relevant here.)
Relieving of Yin: Much like creating a difference in pressure, relieving some area of Yin pulls some from around to maintain continuity of flows. The creation of difference implies a time ordering. Either the overdense region is created second or the rarefaction. The region created second determines the direction of the flow.
Saturating with Yan: Making a wall around a region, or creating a blockage of external energy is needed for this act. Saturating with Yan is exponentially more energetically costly, because it necessarily requires the presence of an external agency to pump in Yang from outside. Upon opening of the valve/wall, a sudden entropic gradient is created which can be end up releasing bursts of heat or dissipative energy which can not be channeled (to do any useful work).
This is reminiscent of the ‘carrot and stick’ method for disciplining minds.

If all the mind can do is drool and twitch, how does it create electrical impulses?
Even animals can drool and twitch, so that doesn’t explain the evolutionary advantage we have over them. I suspect, the self-conscious aspect of the mind must be responsible for words, which simultaneously is the control center for organization of electrical impulses and neural brain patterns of the mind. The actual mechanism, however, is beyond me.

Allow Soul-ular ramble…
Is the manipulation of electric impulses using words itself the Mind? After all, doesn’t an Enlightened being talk itself and others to enlightenment? Don’t religious text interpreters believe in the Word and their interpretation of it, because it somehow entropically resolve all their problems? What is hope, what is faith if not just thought patterns created using words, albeit a lot of words, that make available actual physical bodies and hence a lot of physical energy at their disposal? Aren’t they just words that also open up the energetic space available to one being of other beings (like how one guy calls out rock at the bottom of a hill and the other one at the top hears the word and throws it down)?
Can suffering ever be created without blockages in pathways of desire? Do humans necessarily have to dissipate their energy, i.e. use it to create nothing meaningful or persistence? Just burn mental time and effort to uphold the status quo, which in themselves are energetic blockages created in and through the structure of society? Until when must the wars of god supporters, wars of science supporters, wars of philosophers, (and now wars on wars) grow in separate containers? Until when must these containers saturate before either their reservoirs diminish?
Or do some particles will tunnel through and create an irreversible chain reaction, a phase transition, a revolution? The prospect of Yin Yang coming together, sounds good and harmonious, but it is the harmony after burning everything to the ground. A peaceful alternative is to create new alternative channels to connect these polarities, and attempt to make order in dis-harmony, so that our future generations can experience a world we never could.

I do think there is something deep here, something we all can benefit from. Feel free to use the blog space to record thoughts, insights and as a place for discussion.

Who am I ultimately? What is the secret sauce of things?
The same way you talked yourself into asking this question, go deeper into the self, channel energy and navigate through the brain patterns to unask the question. This is the natural way.

As They say

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