The New Revolution

So here I am, sitting in my bedroom, daydreaming like I do, and going deep in my visions. I see a world, but it’s not a world of imagination. What is real is so obvious that it dissipates from thought, what is unreal takes away most of the head space, as the thoughts replicate themselves on alien machinery, just like a virus.

Today, I will not blog however about an esoteric symbolic structure that I pull from deep within my subconscious. Today, I will just expound on the obvious, one must after all start at a place that is comfortable, lay down heuristic boundaries and yet dare not traverse them. So, should we start talking about the co-virus? Or should we build up to it? The second is more promising than the first, this is a blog, let us take that route.

Science has failed us. Of course, the people in power will always fail us, what’s there to be so surprised. Didn’t you read the title of the post? The intriguing question is in what way? Are you blind? From the way it is taught, to the way it is practiced, to the way it is projected in the media, by it’s method of getting supporters, it has failed us, or more appropriately, we have failed it.

We teach children word association in young age by channeling and re-purposing fear. We give them the hope of fish rather than actual fish and we never get around to teaching them how to fish. Why do our elders fail to read their elders? Of course, capitalism and mass production is a big part of it, but are ‘you’ blind? Why do you cripple a child’s imagination by bombarding it with intricacies of modern society and culture, and hope that at some point it will figure out how to navigate this seascape on it’s own? This is like saying, I will eat a pie every day and hope that one day I will be as fit as a Kardashian, utterly absurd.

Then once they are grown enough, you take their dreams, hopes and aspirations, blend them into four years of coursework that they are again unprepared to truly tackle, and in the process kill them again. The whole machinery of modern education is a mass-production factory of producing conforming sheep, baah-t’s right. Some of them, who have not yet been blinded shall try their hands at graduate school, but there are no good questions to work on. If you succeed, your future is in the darkness of postdoc and two kinds of professorship: 1. who write grants 2. who reinforce and perpetuates the same pyramid scheme.

We must accept our sins of adulterating culture and the mind of the youth, and creating a new culture which relies on adulterated minds of the youth. This is the world that I was born into, and I can see how it was necessary during the times of war and colonialization, but not anymore. I refuse to let Aristotle turn in his grave every time media repurposes the scientific language to promote their propaganda. You have replaced a known unknown, with an unknown unknown that someone else knows and if you believe in that someone else, then you must believe their beliefs, that is how I view the use of statistics in media. This is just wrong, and if you don’t see it, then I’m not surprised, I didn’t see it for the longest time either.

Zizek screams at me, bringing light to systemic issues. Yes, there are too many of them. But not all is lost. We finally have the world in a state of civil rest and mental unrest, why? Firstly, thanks to the crashing of stock market, the only number’s whose fluctuation matters. Secondly, the intellectuals rise from slumber, and open their eyes to what it means to be human. And finally, we have the cause, which itself knows no cause, because the cause of the cause is inconsequential because it does not help us dealing with the effects. The equalizer of status, the sword that hangs above us all, the virus that has taken control doubly of the human, a co-creation of nature and man that binds the body and soul, COVID-19!

Clearly, this is not a doomsday prophecy, otherwise the title would have said so (ok, that’s not exactly true, but we can let it pass). I happen to be someone, who truly is hopeful about the future, after all it is our turn to shine. It is time friends, and friends of friends, to manifest yourself into the being you always were, a tool for the universe to express itself. Science and art need to be rethought, in a week before spring break ends and online classes start.

I really think, this time we can change education for good. The education is going online, we just need to turn the wheels hard enough that it stays that way even after the virus is not a threat anymore. Remember, climate change is still a thing. The time has come to prepare for the winter that approaches, and this is a fortunate moment where all of humanity faces the same threat. Let us use these moments of unity, to synthesize a future for ourselves, connect with local communities and start the wheel of change.

Now that we are self-quarantined, I will blog regularly, and keep posting my visions as they mature. If you have visions, of course, I would love to hear!

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