Love and Trinity

Finally it has dawned upon me where humanity had gone astray. Intellectuals were made rulers. Now what happens when you make the intellectuals as rulers, they make rules which work very will in the mind’s eye but are grounded into fantasies of their mathematical world. And lo and behold, we find ourselves in the midst of a society where we feel so strong to have words at our fingers, and yet we have no one to talk to. Because we don’t know what we are saying, because we don’t say anything anymore, just mimic, and conform to the sick society that intellectuals have created for us. The intellectuals who lack creativity, clarity of mind and grounding into reality, create a society which also lacks them, not surprising is it?

A line of thought makes no sense when started at the end. However, what happens when the thought is being thought out by the universe itself? Love Love Love.

(m)Other Nature is only beginning to blossom. What is important in a blossom of a bud, is that it captures all the genetic memory that it needs to keep going forth. If it makes it to the next cycle, great. If the seed in a bud never fruits into a tree, it doesn’t matter. That will also be something to learn from, and each time the learning is done by nature itself in all of its potentialities (ring… genetic fitness and evolutionary game theory). The above was just a thought that I had today, when I went out for a lovely walk in the rain with a friend. Eventually, circumstances led me to be in the same room and headspace as two lovers. It is hard to explain the day, but I still want to document some important revelations that were revealed to me by nature itself.

  1. Sameness and identity: sameness is in analogy and identity has to do with homology. Two beings can be same as each other in terms of their information processing capabilities and yet be two different people.


Homologous: corresponding in structure and evolutionary origin
Analagous: similar in function but not evolutionary origin

1 cont.- When ‘same’ people come together, that’s when love happens and Families are made. (I capitalize the F in fam because one should not confuse it with legal biological relationship that society condemns us to be in. The bond that I talk of is not one that can be captured in words, you will have to have the experience yourself.)

2. What have we done to deserve the life that we live will begin to be explained by life when we ‘truly’ start living it. What the future holds for us is truly a mystery, and we can simply see the precursors of it if we live with our eyes and minds open. But nature will come get you, because your mind can only process so much, unless you surround yourself with people who you love and they love you back. Because then they process life with you, and then you ‘truly’ live.
To condense: to describe life, you have to visualize yourself in it. What is this you that you visualize? It comes with all the unconscious assumptions which you consider to be an extension of your reality. You ‘truly’ start living when the extensions to your reality are those who you love and who love you back, because now the notion of life takes a subjective and yet Objective meaning. Deep revelation indeed…

3. Words are but a tool to grasp onto the reality that we find ourselves in. It is safe to say that the society has created layers and layers of structure with no language yet to completely describe it. However, society (the low resolution notion of society in the mind’s eye of the power-bearers) constraints the thought and inadvertently the affect, and renders one floating endlessly into a dizzying darkness which lacks any rulers or guidelines. A new language will be needed to developed soon, if humans are going to co-exist with nature. This language will have (m)Other Nature be inscribed in the syntax and ll’be one of Love, grasped by only those who Love, and spoken between Lovers co-spoken by Nature.
This is of course only possible, once we have a good picture of where humans are and what Nature is and can be. It is nearing its end, humans have figured out physics, those are the nature’s laws. But is that enough to keep playing forever? Or are we to dissipate into the ashes like countless other civilizations before us? Who knows! But at least, we Loved and in those moments Nature was potentially reborn countlessly through us!

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